Sharing Sheilas’s Sack – Food Drive

Sharing Sheila’s Sack was created by Debi Sena after she met Sheila during the NADCO training session they were both in attendance.  Sheila worked with another CDC doing what Preferred Lending Partners does, distributing and servicing SBA 504 Loans.  Sheila shared some of her life experiences with  Debi which moved Debi and inspired her to create Sharing Sheila’s Sack.  Here is Sheila’s story:

Sheila led a pretty good life, living within her means, enjoying biking and other activities.  One day she was riding her bike on a mountain side, she was giving the driver of a truck plenty of space to go around her, but for some reason she still ended up being hit by the Truck.  The truck drove away and left her injured and alone until another motorist stopped to assist her.  Due to the extensive amount of medical bills, Sheila ended up homeless, living out of her car and relying on the generosity of food banks and similar services to get her by.

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Sharing Sheila’s Sack

Once Sheila was able to, she started buying one item to put in a grocery sack, each time she went to the store.  Eventually the sack filled and she took it to the food bank, to help others just as she has been helped.  She continues to do this, slowing filling a grocery sack with food and donating it each time it fills.

Debi was so moved by this story she started “Sharing Sheila’s Sack”.  This is a movement, expanding Sheila’s reach.  If each person took one of the green Sharing Sheila’s Sacks and slowly filled sit with one item each time they went grocery shopping, the amount of food that could be collected would be remarkable.

So in this season of giving, PLP and LPS are asking you to get involved.  We’ll bring you a Sack to fill and are even willing to come back to collect it when it is full.  The food collected will go to two local food banks, Food Bank of the Rockies and Bienvenidos Food Bank.  We’ll be hosting our food drive until January 29th, there are three options to donate.  First you may call to schedule a drop off and/or pick up (303) 861.4100 of Sheila’s Sack.  Second, you may drop of your donations off at our location at 140 East 19th Ave, Suite 202, Denver, CO 80203.  Third you can take your donations in to any food bank, church, neighbor or friend in need that you would like. We’ll be doing a recognition page on our social media in January thanking everyone for their involvement, if you choose to participate using option three please let us know where you send you donations.

We appreciate you taking the time whether through your company or personally, to fill Sheila’s Sack with a little bit of love for those that could use a helping hand.

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