Growing into the New Year

Growing into the New Year

Happiness and Growth

by Megan Jewell

It’s a new year, and small businesses everywhere are assessing how they did last year, determining challenges and setting goals for growth in 2016.  The SBA 504 Loan Program can assist small business owners in four key ways for growth:


  • Invest in Real Estate and Capital Equipment:

Small businesses are able to invest in real estate and capital equipment while safeguarding their working capital.

  • Low Down Payment

Small business are able to take advantage of low down payments, freeing up more working capital

  • Fixed Rate

A fixed rate that doesn’t balloon or adjust helps the small business to prepare for the future without the uncertainty of changing payments.

  • Staple in Community

Having a space to call their own whether it is an entire building or just an office condo stabilizes a business and helps it put roots down in their community.

Being members of the community ourselves, we are dedicated to helping small businesses.  In 2016 Preferred Lending Partners wants to do more to help small businesses and our borrowers grow and flourish.


“It’s our job to enable and keep the small businesses in Colorado permanent fixtures in the community that we live and play in. If they don’t exist, we don’t exist” states Juliene Wynn, Preferred Lending Partners’ Credit Analyst.


We currently assist our borrowers through the SBA loan process and with servicing actions after the loan has funded. We provide webinars and training for our partner lenders, along with links and articles to industry resources. However, there’s so much more we could and would like to do for the small business of Colorado.


What would help you as a small business owner?  What more could we do to be better advocates for you and your business?

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