Driven to Innovate

From the start Raymond W. Lavallee II has had an entrepreneurial spirit. Paired with his drive to innovate and provide high quality products to his customers, Ray has lead Intec into new exciting projects and opportunities.  When Ray was a child, still in grade school, he got an allowance from his father.  He asked his father how he could get more money, and his father responded with “you need to learn to make money with your money.”  So Ray set out buying candy for two cents and selling them for four.  Once he had enough money he bought a shovel and started shoveling snow for the neighbors.  He then saved up for his first lawn mower and by junior high he had 5-7 other kids working for him mowing lawns.  He continued this business through high school and college.

Ray graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Computer Systems and an MBA with a focus on Operations and Manufacturing Management.  With his extensive educational background, he started working for large corporations.  However, he always thought to himself, “hey down the road, if I could position myself and actually obtain a small company, I could really grow it.”  So Ray kept his eyes open, ready to jump on an opportunity if it arose.

Intec was a company founded on innovation and quality, providing portable insulation blowing equipment.  Intec created industry standards which have been and continue to be emulated and copied by others.  Along with innovation, Intec was also driven to provide the highest quality product to their clients.  In 2007, after working on multiple projects and building a relationship with the owner of Intec, Ray saw an opportunity to leverage these characteristics and grow the business.  He joined the company and began building up sweat equity in the business.  Vac SystemAfter taking full ownership Ray took advantage of the low interest rates in the SBA 504 Loan program, allowing Intec to purchase their current facility, and save about 1/3 of what they were spending on rent, reinvesting the funds in Research and Development.  Intec is now able to implement new “upgraded” innovative products, with the same high quality guarantee, the business is known for.  Intec is in a unique place where they are able to listen to a client’s needs and can customize products without sacrificing quality.

Ray’s story is one of drive and perseverance.  He stayed true to his dream of owning a business, and although he admits to unforeseen challenges, like the downturn in the economy, he has managed to grow his company; utilizing innovation to do so.  It is clear to see that Ray is passionate about what he does and proud to be the leader of Intec

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