Keeping Your Ducts in Order

Spring is almost over, so many businesses are putting away their mops and buckets as spring cleaning comes to an end.  However, with the quick approach of summer and the heat that comes with it, have you considered building maintenance that could help improve your office environment as well as protect your assets?IMG_0903

Perhaps you’ve cleared out old junk that piled up around the office for the past few months or cleaned up your email folders, but with the approach of summer and the increased stresses on your HVAC systems, have you taken the proper steps to insure you’re operating at full capacity and efficiency?  Have you taken the proper preventative maintenance actions to protect your system?  We sat down with the owners at Ducts Unlimited and discussed what you should do and how it could help your business.

We asked the owners, Robert Leishman, Elissa Leisham and Clifton LaMont for recommendations on maintaining your HVAC and other ventilation components. They all agree that preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs and maintain the performance and integrity of your systems.   Business owners should consider checking their systems every 3 to 6 months depending on the system and how it is being used.  Catching a problem early is the best way to avoid large system failure and expense repairs.  Furthermore, just like an oil change, regularly changing your filters and belts along with regular preventative maintenance helps keep your equipment running at specs which allows your systems to operate at their best efficiency levels.

Ducts Unlimited has been providing commercial HVAC Installation and maintenance services to the Front Range since April 2000. Ducts Unlimited is a woman owned business, with over 100 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry. At Ducts Unlimited they’re focused on delivering exceptional customer service and believe every client “deserve(s) a quality job that is done right the first time”.   Robert and Elissa admitted to us that due to the “grace of god” and being blessed with the employees whose work ethic and integrity apply to every job they manage, they’ve been successful and continue to grow and expand.

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