Kindness Renders Big Rewards

kindness-renders-big-rewardsThese days with the hustle and bustle of the holidays it is often easy to get wrapped up in our own world, focused on the many activities and things we need to accomplish before the end of the year.  What would it look like if we all did something nice, even just a small act, for someone random each day?  It is observed that when you commit a random act of kindness to a stranger, they often will continue the movement.  Here is a short list of just a few things you might consider doing for those around you to help brighten up their lives:

  • Hold the door open for the person behind you
  • Complement a stranger or acquaintance – “nice shoes” or “great scarf”
  • Smile at the stranger passing you on the street – take it a step further and add a “good morning”, “hello” or “good evening”
  • Take the grocery cart from the person in the parking lot (if you’re heading into the store) save them the walk to the cart holder
  • If you have extras, keep them in your car or purse and share socks, a scarf, a hat or gloves with someone cold you pass
  • Buy the coffee or tea, snack at a convenience store for a stranger or even bigger, their dinner at a restaurant

A quick example, this last weekend I stopped into a bagel shop, which was pretty busy and you could tell that customers were starting to get impatient.  I already had it in my mind that I would like to be doing more good deeds for others, so I bought breakfast for the woman standing behind me in line. In turn she bought the person behind her, their breakfast and there were lots of smiles, thanks and “that’s so kind” from not just the recipients but also the workers behind the counter.  It really turned the mood in the whole place around.   So as the year comes to an end, think of the little smile, kind word, or small gesture and what a large impact that small act might have on a single individual. Let’s leave 2016 with a smile and kindness in our hearts.


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