Growing in 2017

Now that the New Year is in full swing and the office is buzzing again, what is your team doing to grow in 2017?  All businesses know that spending time and energy on good marketing strategies can help their business grow.  What isn’t always recognizable is which methods will work for their business and which ones will be a waste of time (and money).  However, in this modern era, a few things are clear.

  1. Web presence
    If a business doesn’t have a website they’re missing out.  In a world so consumed with technology why would anyone not have a website? Perhaps there is too much to do, or it is too expensive? Or it is just too complicated.  There are many tools available, that can help anyone learn basic website development.  Furthermore, many online website hosting sites now provide, easy to use cheap and inexpensive options.  One thing is clear, if a business isn’t on the web they are missing out on business.
  2. Know what “Mobile – Centric” is and how to use it
    It is clear to see (just look out the window at all the people walking by), at least half of them on their mobile devices.  People live by the computers in their pockets, so to be prepared to address the current consumer, a business needs to be easy to use on the mobile device.  What does this mean? Does the business website adjust to the mobile users needs? Can a customer easily use their mobile device to purchase products or services? More and more often the consumers are adopting mobile pay services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, so businesses need to be more prepared to support their customers’ demands.
  3. Email marketing
    No this is not new, yet many companies seem to take this for granted.  It has been proven that it is a great tactic and one of the most ROI-positive strategies out there.  The key is to find the right way to use this tool. Just a few ways would be; providing DIY guides, links to blog content and industry news.  Getting traffic to the business website should be the goal.

What is clear, with the coming generations, being tech savvy should be on the forefront of all businesses as they put together their goals and strategic plans.  The key for small businesses will be to determine when and where to spend time and money first and be okay with asking for help.

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