Investing 504

By Susan Tweedy

How does a business owner evaluate return on investment? There are numerous ways that a small business invests in their business: Time, money and energy being the most obvious.

Business owners invest in their facilities, employees, and brand. Many of these types of investments are difficult or even impossible to evaluate objectively.

If a business owner chooses to own their building rather than pay rent, the return on investmentĀ  is one of the most beneficial and measurable investments that can be made. Building equity can assist in other aspects of building business credit. Rent savings will free up valuable working capital. And security from rent hikes or ownership changes offers peace of mind. Refinancing and consolidating debt is another important investment consideration for business owners.

Before committing to debt for your business it is always prudent to consult your legal and accounting professionals for advice.

If you or someone you know is considering purchasing real estate, refinancing, expanding or renovating their real estate, please contact one of our staff members for assistance.

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