Promoting a Positive Dialog Around Sustainability

Promoting a Positive Dialog Around Sustainability

April 22, 2018 was Earth Day! This day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.  The SBA 504 program encourages borrowing participants to go green by meeting one of three available Energy Public Policy Goals.  Meeting one of these goals waives the job creation requirement (1 job created for ever $65,000 borrowed from SBA) and may enable the business to borrow more than the allowed $5MM.  The energy public policy goals are:

  • Reduction of existing energy consumption by at least 10%. This goal is met when a business moves from one location to another.
  • Increased use of sustainable designs, including designs that reduce the use of greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels or low-impact design to produce buildings that reduce the use of non-renewable resources and minimize environmental impact
  • Plant, equipment and process upgrades of renewable energy sources such as small-scale production of energy for individual buildings or communities’ consumption, commonly known as micropower, or renewable fuel producers including biodiesel and ethanol producers.In honor of Earth Day, Preferred Lending Partners is proud to recognize Confluence SBC for their “green” initiatives.  Confluence SBC obtained SBA 504 financing through Preferred Lending Partners and Wells Fargo Bank to fund the purchase and renovation of commercial real estate located at 75 Waneka Parkway in Lafayette, Colorado.  Confluence SBC is a co-working space, a shared office community providing flexible workspace, meeting space and value-add services for local professionals.

In 2017, they were awarded Gold status by the City of Lafayette for demonstrating their environmental leadership and their commitment to a better, more sustainable world.  Confluence’s sustainability efforts focus on four key areas:

  • Energy Efficiency – PV Solar arrays (a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovolativcs), solar thermal hot water and a wind turbine. The office is lit by 100% LED lights with occupancy sensors in the restrooms.  And finally high-efficient HVAC equipment is operational with thermostats that are programmed based on occupancy.
  • Alternative Transportation – Members that utilize the services provided by Confluence SBC are encouraged to bike to work and/or bus to work. Bike racks are available on site and with an RTD Park & Ride 0.1 mile away it is an easy commute by bus from Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Erie, Longmont and Louisville.  In 2018, Confluence is exploring an electric vehicle charging station and a bike-share program.
  • Waste Stream Division – The workspace, kitchen and conference rooms are equipped with single stream recycling and paper composting receptacles. Post-recycled paper products for the kitchen and bathrooms are purchased and members are encouraged to use the non-disposable plates, bowls and silverware provided rather than paper and plastic.
  • Efficient Water Usage – Both outside and inside by means of low-water landscaping and efficient faucets and toilets.

Tom Hardie, owner of Confluence SBC serves as a member on the Lafayette Energy Sustainability Advisory Committee.  This committee was established by the Lafayette city council to provide advice and direction for the city on matters related to energy sustainability.  The committee outlines objections for the reduction of the overall environmental footprint of the city of Lafayette and its residents.

Confluence is committed to maintaining awareness and promoting a positive dialog around environmental sustainability.
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