504 Loan Rates & Fees

504 Rate of Interest:

25 year fixed: March 2019 – 4.391%
20 year fixed: March 2019 – 4.265%

This 504 rate is based on loans approved as of October 1, 2018. 504 loans approved prior to October 1, 2018 are subject to slightly different rates due to the 504 loan program ongoing servicing fee.

10 year fixed: March 2019 – 4.365%

Just like 20 and 25 year rates, the 10 year rate is based on loans approved as of October 1, 2018,   However,  the interest rates for the 10 year loans are determined every other month rather than monthly. 

The interest rate on the SBA 504 portion will be fixed for the term of the loan and is determined approximately by the current rate on the 10-year treasury rate plus approx. 300-400 basis points. 504 interest rates are fixed and established at the time your SBA 504 Loan funds.  The rate (inclusive of all servicing fees) to the borrower is usually up to 1% below market rates.

For more detailed information please feel free to visit the Eagle Compliance, LLC

There are fees associated with an SBA 504 loan. These fees are set by Congress every October 1st. Congress Mandated Fees of 2.65% are rolled into your SBA 504 Loan.

Attorney closing costs of roughly $3,000 are rolled into our loan.

Preferred Lending Partners does not charge any fees in addition to those set by Congress. For additional information or to inquire about a fee estimate for your particular project please call Preferred Lending Partners directly.

Other Fees:
The borrower is responsible for 3rd party closing costs such as title insurance, and fees for surveying, engineering, appraisals, environmental audits, architectural, legal, accounting and construction period interest, etc.  In some cases these fees may be rolled into your loan, or if paid out of pocket, can be counted towards your total equity injection.