Business Development Officer

Becky Fuller, Director of Business Development 


Becky is a Colorado native and lived and worked in the Denver metro area until 2000, when she relocated to Colorado Springs.  She earned a B.S. in Business Administration from CU – Boulder with a double major in accounting and entrepreneurship / small business management.

During college, Becky interned at the US Small Business Administration in the Colorado District office.  Throughout her lending career, she has originated and underwritten both SBA 7A and 504 loans for commercial banks, non-bank lenders and Certified Development Companies. 

Becky really loves small business and small business lending.  She finds the work very interesting and not too much like work at all!

In her “spare” time, Becky drives kids to various activities, goes hiking and enjoys making fun desserts for her family.

Becky can be reached at 719.505.3851 (Colorado Springs area) or 303.917.4361 (Denver Metro area).   Her focus is primarily Southern Colorado, but she is glad to work where she is needed.  Invitations for joint sales calls are welcome and encouraged!