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The success of our borrowers is what makes our jobs exciting.  Our goal is to make the 504 Loan Process easy for every borrower.  We provide assistance to each borrower from start to finish.  Helping make obtaining financing as smooth as possible, whether they are financing a building, purchasing equipment, or “going green”.  Below you can read more about a few of our successful borrowers and their businesses.

Premium Panels Inc.

Mr. Jeffrey Patch founded Premium Panels, Inc. in 2000.  At Premium Panels they offer metal roofing options to both commercial and residential customers.  Over the last 16 years they’ve focused on providing their customers with the ultimate experience in customer service and product quality.  They use state of the art, elite equipment both on site and in house, to insure precision and excellence.  Just recently they added a 21’ long folder machine to their manufacturing capabilities which means they can now bend products that are up to 21’ in length.Prem Panels Folder

In June of 2015, Premium Panels was able to buy their own building with the partnership of Wells Fargo Bank NA and Preferred Lending Partners through the use of the 504 loan program.  Shortly after moving into their new facility they were recognized by the city, for their job creation numbers.  This is one of the main goals of the 504 loan program, so Preferred Lending Partners was thrilled to hear about Premium Panels’ growth.

Premium Panels is also conscious of the environment and the importance of recycling their scrap metal.  They provide services to their clients to assist them with recycling scrap metal as well and they provide a product that has “green” benefits, as discussed in our blog about Keeping Green in Mind.



Mathias Lock and Key

Established in 1901 by John Mathias, Mathias Lock and Key was originally known as John F. Mathias Novelty Works.  At the time John Mathias was a man of many traits, he sharpened anything that needed sharpening and fixed anything mechanical or that moved; such as push lawn mowers, toys, locks and safes.  As the city grew so did the company, it evolved to take on more of the customer’s needs, still providing repairs for mechanical items such as electric trains, but shifted its focus to door closes and other locksmith items.  By 1981 when Mary and Steve Benoit took over the business it was clear that the business could not provide all services to all people, and they steered they’re focus on locks, keys and security.

Floor v1In 2005, Mathias Lock and Key secured the building on Delaware Street in Denver, with the assistance of Preferred Lending Partners and The Bank of Denver.  They have continued to explore growth options, expanding into Colorado Springs and a second location in Downtown Denver.  Although, not all expansion projects have been successful, Mathias Lock and Key continues to learn from their years of experience and shape their future based on their past experiences.  Mary Benoit, President of Mathias Lock and Key shares her thoughts and recommendations concerning growth and expansion in A Woman’s Perspective on Business Success.

To this day Mathias Lock and Key is still being managed by the family and is now on the fourth generation.  They attributing their success to their loyal customers, dependable employees and dedicated management team.  Even today the management team continue to analyze their business and their customers’ needs, making sure they are providing their clients with what they need and want, while also eliminating the less profitable services.


Footers Catering

Footers Catering started out as a restaurant on Capitol Hill, founded by Jimmy Lambatos, who had a desire to provide restaurant quality food to catered events.  This is what has made Footers special over the years and something Footers continues to strive for in the A with Mission_nov2015quality of the services they provide to their clients.  In 2010 Jimmy sold the business to his son and daughter in law, Anthony and April Lambatos.  Today Footers Catering is a second-generation family owned business.  They are recognized as one of Denver’s top caterers, using only the best ingredients and freshest foods, cooked on site.

In 2012, Anthony and April moved the business into their current location.  Together they have focused on providing exceptional services to their clients and growing their business, but also in creating a great environment to work in for their employees.  By 2014 they were ready to purchase the facility and with the assistance of Preferred Lending Partners and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. they were able to become borrowers, utilizing the SBA 504 Loan Program to purchase their building with only 10% down payment, and lock in 20 year fixed interest rates.

Anthony contributes their success to working with and surrounding their business with great people, working hard, and learning from mentors and past experiences.  You can read more on Anthony’s entrepreneurial advice and journey HERE.


Past Featured Borrowers

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