Dir. of Servicing and Closing

team_Sena_CDeborah O. Sena, Director of Servicing and Closing

Debi Sena is a native of Colorado born and raised in the small town of Pueblo along with a clan of 10 other brothers and sisters. Prior to joining Preferred Lending Partners, Mrs. Sena was a Customer Accounting Supervisor; she managed 14 employees for the Southwest Region.  While there she received numerous management recognition rewards including a Master Mentor Award presented to her by the CEO of the company.

Debi Sena started out as one of the members of Preferred Lending Partners in 1997 and in 1999 ventured off on her own and started Lenders Professional Services (LPS) with her sister Barbara Valdez. Together they offered their services to various lenders from closing to packaging while always keeping a contracted relationship with Preferred Lending Partners as their only commercial client.  LPS does provide numerous services for a residential client base. Debi still oversees the business of LPS, her focus is concentrated on serving the Preferred Lending Partners portfolio.

Debi’s day to day responsibilities revolve around assisting the portfolio client base in every way.

Debi brings a personal touch and ease to a process that can sometimes be overwhelming to our clients.  The best part of her job is working with our wonderful borrowers and lenders and she is proud to be assisting successful companies in Colorado grow and prosper.

She is considered an expert in the field of SBA loan closing, processing, servicing and management. She and her husband, Sam, are enjoying the “empty nester” phase of their life as their two children Jason and Samantha have moved out!  Sam and Debi are enjoying their three beautiful grandchildren, Brooklyn, Kelsey and Cejay.  They are also looking forward to the forth “on-its-way” grandchild.

In her limited spare time Debi enjoys spending time with her church and bible study groups.

Debi can be contacted at 303.861.4100 ext. 501