Juliene Wynn

Juliene Wynn, Director of Lending and Compliance

Juliene has been in the real estate industry for 15+ years.  She began her career in 2003 as an Escrow Officer for a title company and then in 2008 transitioned into Loan Processing for a Residential Mortgage Broker.  Commercial Real Estate Lending seemed to be the next best option and so she accepted the Credit Analyst position at Preferred Lending Partners in September 2011.  With growth in loan volume she welcomed to the credit team Laura Farley and Renee Jewell.  In 2018, Juliene took on the role of Director of Lending and Compliance.  This role enables her to transition into business development as well as assist PLP’s Business Development Officers and with structure and eligibility related to the SBA 504 loan program.  She manages the house accounts of Preferred Lending Partners, strives to be an expert of SBA 504 policies and procedures and takes the lead in navigating the submission and approval of loan requests to SBA.

Juliene is a Colorado native, born in Denver and raised in Bailey, CO.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and riding her motorcycle.  She loves Colorado, especially when the weather allows her to hike, bike, and ride.

Juliene Wynn can be reached at 303.861.4100 ext. 205