1580 Logan Street, Suite 340, Denver, CO 80203

    Initial Borrower Contact

    Introduction of borrower
    Review proposed project for SBA eligibility
    Explain financing options available and discuss project structure


    Collect preliminary package from borrower Collect purchase contract/proposal and construction bid Review project for overall creditworthiness

    Secure a Lender

    Work with buyer’s existing lender or identify lender options Obtain a lender’s Letter of Intent (LOI) for financing

    Satisfy Closing Conditions

    SBA & Lender approval on loans, SBA & Lender clearance of Environmental, SBA & Lender clearance of Appraisal Value

    Escrow Closes

    Buyer comes in with down payment Bank funds one permanent loan and one interim loan Close SBA Loan (unless construction […]

    Complete Construction/ Close SBA Loan

    Complete construction draws with bank until fully funded Obtain Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or permit sign-off Obtain final lien waivers […]